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David Buckler

David Buckler

Hailing from Texas, David Buckler came to know Christ as Savior at the age of 12 following his being raised in a nominal Episcopal upbringing. Following high school came a decade (plus five, give or take) of college (BS.Ed), marriage, pastoring three Baptist churches, seminary (M.Religious Ed), children…and divorce. Deciding that he wanted to “run his own life”, David proceeded for the next fifteen years to run it into the ground as an alcoholic-drug addict (this followed in the steps of which he had been reared), spending most evenings in bars and never keeping jobs but for three or so years at a time.

A near-fatal wreck in 2012 helped to restore him to his senses (Luke 15:17), and in bringing him back to the Savior. God’s call to ministry was renewed within him through this life-altering event.

Along with Single Purpose Fellowship/iHi.today, David is an Administrator for Christian Goths (Facebook) and a monthly contributor of inspirational writing to Texas Life magazine. Several books are in the making, including “The Break I Needed” which tells of his running from, and restoration to, Christ.

David resides in Fort Worth, Texas. His goal is to see Single Purpose Fellowship reach those who perhaps don’t feel comfortable in a traditional church setting, offering to them online/in person places where singles and non-conformists can come together in worship and praise while enjoying with others their growth in Christ.